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general section

Our General Section Collection contains books spanning a wide range of relevant disciplines from Art & History, Public Health and Sociology to Clinical Medicine, Criminology and Criminal justice, Vocational & Professional Studies and more. These titles have been hand-picked to provide an array of relevant, accessible and impactful content that will be invaluable to non-academic patrons undertaking their own learning and research at Public Libraries. The collection provides Public Libraries with a more affordable way to enrich communities with access to the latest research. In addition to this popular fictions of most well known writers are made available here. A major collection of Rabindranath Tagore is a prized possession of New Town Library. An exhaustive list of newspapers both in English and Bengali languages and a few popular magazines are also available on front desk.

Also to add to the comfort of the patrons a Cafe' Ekante outlet has been placed at the General Section lounge.

teen section

A Teens-Only Space at New Town Library: The Teen Section of New Town library in the Nazrul Tirtha premises is designated for Young Adults (Teen). This is to meet the needs of library patrons in the age group of 13 - 19. This space is intended for teens to read, study, do homework, socialize quietly, and engage in other group or individual activities. Materials found in the teen room are geared towards students in grades 7 - 12 and include fiction, graphic novels, and magazines.  The New Town Library has also made career guidance books and magazines available especially keeping in mind the need of young adults. Teen audio books are housed with the general audio books.  Patrons of all ages are welcome to browse and check out materials in the Teen Section's collection; however, the use of seating space is reserved for teen patrons only.

kid's section

The newly built Kid's Library Section at the New Town Library in Nazrul Tirtha is a vibrant space for our young visitors and their caregivers. Featuring whimsical, colorful designs that evoke the joyfulness of the childhood, the Kid's’s Library is for children up to twelve years and under in the company of a parent or adult caregiver. Everyone is welcome to browse the collection or look for a book, but seating in the Kid’s Library is limited to children and their accompanying adults only. The Kid's Library hosts a wide variety of programs for children and their caregivers. Check our Newroom for upcoming events. The Kid's section has a large & diverse collection, including books, fiction, nonfiction books and graphic comics. The Children’s Library features computers for use with a New Town Library member card for browsing through library catalogue and listening to audio books.