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Welcome to experience the New Town Library at Nazrul Tirtha

A vibrant community space for citizens, students, researchers and children

The New Town Library seeks to bring people back to books. It is much more than a collection of books, A modern contemporary styling serves to restore the love for reading to the young and old. RFID technology makes possible issue of books through smart kiosks and returns through a drop box 24 x 7. Kindle ebook readers can give reading access to the newest publications. Books in the library can be accessed through digital catalogue. Bright children's section and compact seminar rooms bring colour and variety. Coffee corner by Ekante (a unit of HIDCO) energises the grey cells. Tie up with NDL (National Digital Library) and the British Council expands the access horizon further. You will see a library that is smarter than any.

Library Quotes

The extent of use to which the reading material of a library is put, should determine its importance rather than the staggering number of volumes.

- Rabindranath Tagore.