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What makes New Town Library different from Conventional Libraries

There are different categories of libraries across the world, like 1) School Libraries – for School Children/ teachers of that particular School, 2) College Libraries --  for College Student/ teachers/ faculty of that particular College, 3) University libraries  -- for  Student/ teachers/ faculty/ Scholars of that particular University, 4) Research Libraries  --- for  Student/ teachers/ faculty/ Scholars of that particular institutes.

These libraries can be accessed by those students / teachers / faculty/ scholars --- till the date they are enrolled. Once student period ends they are unable to access. All these libraries are having unique characteristics i.e. user centric approach.

But learning/ knowledge acquiring is a life long process ---- so where we can go ?

 1. Public Libraries --- As per definition of UNESCO – "Public Libraries are known as People's University" --- which is by the people, for the people and of the     people and free to all citizen irrespective of cast creed and sex.

 2. Public Libraries  is known as "People's University"-  because it is a place for life long learning.

HIDCO has planned in New Town at Najrul Tirtha --- the "New Town Library", which is now a reality. This is also a smart Library as all Smart Cities will have a "Smart Library". This Smart Library in New Town will have unique feature. It will be citizen centric library. Establishing this kind of library is really great challenge for library authorities. Demographic character of library is totally different from other cities/town/ municipality libraries. Here citizen are from across India and having cultural diversity. Even many citizen have staying those who have stayed in developed countries like USA, UK etc. They have experienced in accessing modern libraries.

So, it would cater all kinds of people. And we welcome all to be a patron of this unique library.

glimpses of new town library